History of the Back Pack


Backpacks are also widely known as rucksacks, knapsacks, packs and packsacks. To define it, one can simply say that it’s a bag to be carried on the back with straps (usually two) that either go over the shoulders or across. However, if we get into the details, we get to know that there are several types of backpacks and what we today know as backpacks were once known as simple sacks for shoulders.

Today, we use backpacks or rucksacks for a variety of purposes; hiking, laptop carrying, traveling and the like. But, in the olden days, backpacks were only used by hunters to carry their equipment and preys. In case the hunter didn’t have space to accommodate a large prey, he would cut it into pieces and distribute it among other hunters. Each hunter would then wrap the meat and carry it in the backpacks. Back in those days backpacks were made of animal skin. There were different types available depending on the types of animal available in a particular area. They were sewn together by intestines of animals that were woven together to form a strong thread like material.

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