Saco Backpack

Features ample storage space from a compact and a rounded volume based on ergonomic shapes. Three external pockets closed by magnetic snaps. Key hook carabiner on the inside allowing to attach the utility pouch. The closing system its quick and easy, powered by the strings.


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One Response to Saco Backpack

  1. Tieu says:

    Hi Emily!

    From what I remember about your chosen ideation, I thought it was a great idea to design your backpack to have multiple functions. Being able to have that second part that you can remove from the interior makes it extremely versatile and useful in different situations. It reinvents the way people think about backpacks because normally backpacks will come in one piece that can not be manipulated. Your design would allow the user to customize their bag to suit various needs.

    Your blog is filled with really cool links and ideas. I think you should have categories to organize all of them so it is easier for a visitor to navigate your blog. I like the layout, it’s really clean and simple.

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