mini model #1

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2 Responses to mini model #1

  1. rachmaenggg says:

    1. She wanted to created a backpack that has an insert that looks like a file case. i think it is interesting because it is really functional and space-efficient. It has different sizes of pockets so it could store many different kinds of stuff and there is less chance of losing or getting everything mixed. The culture wants minimalism, functions, and aesthetic all combined. I think she handled it well.

    2. She puts her thoughts in her posts pretty good. I could understand why and what when I read her posts. Also, her blog looks simple and nice, and I found tons of useful and interesting informations in her blog. However, I wish she gave each posts category or created several pages and put them in group.

  2. catree says:

    Hi, Emily
    First, I though your ideation presentation was great. Especially I loved the experiment where you tried putting 48 clothes in your backpack. Simple but clearly indicates your concept and idea.
    Also your mini model was cute and I can see how you put effort on it. Only thing is your sketches. I enjoyed the ideas but I thought it would’ve been easier for me to understand better if you put little more call outs.
    Second, the amount of the research was great and I actually had fun looking through your blog.
    I like the way you applied “Carrier” instead of bag pack. It clearly shows me how your thinking broad about your category. The variety of information and different fun designed carrier etc I must say I learned a lot from you blog. Plus brief sentences explaining your post was good.
    Overall great job, Emily 🙂

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