Sustainable Backpack

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  1. emily, this is such a lovely idea and I felt you got short changed on your crit due to time constraints. this backpack is really a working model and I think you should treat it as one… use it all summer and take notes on its ease of use, clean ability with the type of materials it’s likely to tote, can it hold plein aire canvases like the old plein aire paint boxes do? how can it hold turpentine? really build its functionality out, then next year you can figure out its aesthetics… removable, washable, wipe-able materials… banners, parachutes, sails. can all straps be removed and the whole thing hosed out? how can the way it looks talk about what it does and where it came from? you’ll likely need to make your own straps, pouches, pockets, etc. in order to really create the kind of value needed. your base material is a great example! I think it will take you several months just to collect everything you’ll need, then nail down your craft with sewing. nice job : )

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