Backpack Fabric Content

Backpacks are generally made of Polyester and Nylon.
They are used for their durability.

Although they are highly used and loved, they are not environmentally friendly. They are made of Fossil Fuels, Non-Renewable resources, meaning we cannot keep making fossil fuels, we are simply using  them up.

The negative impacts of Polyester and Nylon include:

  • non-renewable resource
  •  no local sources available
  • long line of processing
  •  often involves use of carcinogenic chemicals such as benzene, toluene,arsenic, and heavy metals including antimony
  • allergy-provoking dyes and carriers are added
  • energy and water intensive
  • non-degradable
  •  no recycling infrastructure


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mini model #1

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Ideation Cont…

For this I was thinking it could be an insert into a backpack. think of it almost as a file case with different compartments. If the user chooses not to carry it in the backpack he/she can carry it like a messenger bag on the shoulder.

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For this ideation I wanted a carrier which utilized every bit of space. It can be completely opened and layed out.

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Ideation Continued

Here I thought of a really simple carrier, but on the inside is lined to have large pockets. A bag inside a bag, inside a bag, inside a bag.  It would be made of thin lightweight material, which is incredibly strong.But when empty can be folded so small it can fit in the pocket of your pants.

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Ideation Sketches

For this idea I was thinking of a carrier that has multiple pockets and can be rolled up.  It might be made out of leather and have magnets or clasps to close it.

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I hope to create some type of backpack which can have many uses. I want the user to be able to customize their backpack to carry their specific needs (like hiking, school supplies, art supplies etc.). When needed, you can easily change compartments in and out of the backpack to better fit other materials or objects.  I hope to have interchangeable compartments.

I think it would be very interesting if the user could change the way he/she carries the back pack. Maybe it can be used as a back pack, and a messenger bag, or a fanny pack? My over all goal I would say is versatility and space.

I’m also interested in having a carrier which can hold a large amount of objects, but when empty can be rolled or folded to be a small object which can possibly be carried in a pocket.

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